Small Eyes Makeup by Makeup Artist

Small Eyes Makeup by kisha Haldia

We all have a dream, could we make beautiful bigger eyes??? Eyes are one of the most attractive features in the human body. But this becomes tricky if you have small eyes. So we using quick makeup techniques and good skincare products can help create the fantasy of bigger eyes. Yes with makeup and some other tips help to achieve our dream.

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Just follow the eye makeup tips step by step with Best Makeup Artist in Gomti Nagar Lucknow.

Beautiful Small Eyes Makeup by Makeup Artist

Eyeliner for small eyes

  • Apply the liner your upper lid and created an arc-shaped line and smudge with the thin eyeliner brush.
  • You are avoiding, lining the inner rim of your lower lashes.
  • Line on the outside of the lower lash line, leaving a gap between the eyeliner and the lower waterline. 
  • Apply a white or flesh-toned pencil to your inner lower waterline and inner corner to make your eyes bigger. Always wear light color pencil with any other liner style.
  •  Apply the thicker liner in the outer edge to make longer eyes. To draw a wing for the outer corner up and fill it.

Eye shadow for small eyes

  • Make sure you avoid dark eye shadow colors- they make eyes look smaller.
  • Always apply neutral and light eye shadows on small eyes. The shadow can be shimmery or of matte finish, it’s depending on you.
  • You wear lighter shades that reflect light to make eyes appear bigger- shimmer is a good option. Go with lavenders, gold, silver, cream, light browns, soft greens, light pink, etc
  • Always highlight the eyebrow bone with a light color (white/silver etc). It helps to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful.
highlight Eyebrow bone with a light color
Highlight eyebrow bone

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