How to Choose The Perfect Foundation

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Why is choosing a shade of foundation is so hard…??? It remains the biggest challenge in the makeup and that is because skin across your face will not ever be even in coloring. The area of skin that will look darker, some areas lighter. So think do stick a close look at the skin closest to your face like a jawline, neck, and chest that way you can avoid the mask-like look. It’s important to understand your undertone that might quite tricky because the undertone is confusing.

Kisha Haldia A Best bridal makeup artist in Lucknow. We provide the top quality makeup services, directly at your venue, on your special day. As per my experience, I’m going to share some tips and tricks, which help us to choose perfect shades for our skin tone:

Choose The Perfect Foundation


Firstly, Look at your skin and think about how pink or yellow toned it is. If it’s pink you probably have a cooler undertone, if it’s yellow you probably have a warmer undertone. If it’s a combination of the two of you simply can’t identify, so you have a neutral undertone.

For example, if you look better in silver jewelry, you probably cool tones, and if you look better in gold jewelry, you may well be warm tones.

Test the Color Properly

•Firstly you have selected the shade of the foundation for a test.

•Then Swipe a small dab of foundation on your cheekbone, your neck, and your jawline on one side of your face.

•Then stand near a window or outside where you can use natural light for a true reading.

•If your foundation is disappeared in the light. So you have picked the right color of foundation.

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